fathers day

Happy Father’s Day To The Strongest Dad There Is

Daily T1D Inspiration

Happy Father’s Day to the man that taught me how to ride a bike, to change a tire, to ride a horse, to play sports, to give myself insulin shots, to snowboard, and to always believe in myself! Thank you dad for all your overwhelming amounts of love and support!

My dad is the strongest T1D dad that I know! He has been dealing with Type 1 for 20 years and not once have I seen the disease get him down. One of the most important things that he has taught me is that Type 1 does not slow me down. He does anything and everything with his Type 1 and I have never seen him complain about it once. Yes, this disease suck, so we do complain about it together now that I have it too. But, he is so strong to be able to take such good care of his Type 1, while taking care of our family. Type 1 itself is already a full-time job. When I was younger, I understood what the disease was and the precautions of it from the outside, but now that I am Type 1 too, I have learned an even more respect for my dad because now I see and understand the mental and physical struggles inside that us Type 1s go through every single second of every single day.

He inspires me everyday to take my disease with positivity. He empowers me to be my own warrior. He teaches me to live my life to the fullest.

Here is to one heck of a strong man, a coach, the ultimate T1D buddy, a best friend, my dad!