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Daily T1D Inspiration

Since February is known as the month of love and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time to step back and think about those that we love and the support that they give us.

There are so many people in my life that I am unbelievably thankful for. However, this post is about the love and support that the Animal Kingdom can provide.

Winnie the Bunny

Winnie the Bunny

I have to introduce my new best friend, my partner in happy frolics, my twin vegetable obsessor, my bunny.. Winnie. Although she is small, she has a great impact on my life. I even think of her as my diabetic alert bunny. Even though she is not trained to help me if I’m in a diabetic emergency, she does help me in other ways. Just by simply being with her reduces my stress levels, in which lower stress equals lower numbers. She accompanies me when we are eating our yummy salads together. She can’t eat breads or candies so its nice to have a buddy that likes to eat the same way that I do. Winnie even enjoys to go on romantic evening walks on the beach with me so that we stay physically fit too. She is my support system and always cheers me up if I’m having a rough diabetic day. Support is one of the biggest qualities to have in life and it can come in all shapes and sizes..even if it’s a bunny.

Reflect on those that you love (human and non-human) and think of what positive impacts they have on your daily life.