Senita Athletics Gear

Diabetic Tips For Working Out, Products I Love

After becoming a Type 1 Diabetic, athletic wear and pockets to store my glucose, meter, phone, and keys started to become a problem. Before being a Type 1 Diabetic, I would run and workout with carrying the least amount of stuff possible because I didn’t have the storage for it and I just didn’t like how it felt to have extra weight on me. However, now being a Type 1 Diabetic, I have no choice but to carry this extra weight on me because I NEED it and it can be life threatening to not have those things with me at all times.

I got the chance to discover a new fitness apparel company called Senita Athletics that saved me in my need of extra storage for my daily essentials. Senita Athletics was created by two strong, active women that wanted to change the athletic world by providing high quality fabrics with beautiful designs at affordable prices. They wanted to create fashionable, functional, and durable products for all women to wear.

The first thing that attracted me to this company was the cute designs of their clothes. Then I started to dig deeper and noticed all of the amazing pockets that are available in their products! In each of their activewear, there is a secret pocket to store anything that you may need. I loved that. I haven’t seen any other athletic wear company that has pockets like these! Thirdly, their prices for premium athletic wear was really shockingly inexpensive and definitely doable. Everything listed is on their website is below $50. Which is amazing because if you compare a pair of yoga pants at other athletic companies, their leggings are double that price. Then finally, I read their story behind the company and I fell in love with it even more. Their brother has Type 1 Diabetes too so they understand the need of great workout wear for all of our supplies! I love supporting other entrepreneur women that are trying to make the active lifestyle more accessible to all kinds of women from marathoners, to yogis, to walkers. It’s for everyone and empowering all women.

So with all of those thoughts in my head, I ordered the Black Fierce Pants in a medium (priced at $38) and the Sarah Sports Bra-Bahamas in a medium (priced at $26)! I still couldn’t get over the awesome prices! I jumped up and down with excitement about all of the cute things I got! When they finally came in the mail and I was really intrigued to see if the fabric quality was as good as they said it was. I opened the package and felt the products and they were! I was truly SO impressed with the quality of fabric! I put them on immediately to see how they fit and they both fit PERFECTLY! And of course, I had to inspect the pockets! On the sports bra, there’s a giant pocket on the back of the razorback strap. So genius how they put a pocket there! It can easily fit my phone, keys, or glucose meter! I felt very secure in it, not worried of anything popping out! The pants were so comfortable and the mesh part along the leg was such a cute accent to add to your simple black legging. I could tell that they were made with good material because as I bent my knees or bent down, it didn’t stretch the fabric to becoming sheer and see-through. It stayed opaque which is how you know if leggings are of a good quality! The pocket on these were just as useful. There are pockets on either side of the pant leg to store my glucose gels and a secret pocket at the top seam for my keys!

Overall I am very impressed with Senita Athletics! The quality, the designs, the function is all amazing. I have already did a test run by going on a run in my new outfit and it really did work perfectly for me. I was comfortable, felt confident, and was able to store the supplies that I brought with me!

Also, on another note, the customer service was extremely helpful! They were able to answer all of my questions about the product and sizing help! I was having a hard time deciding on the sizing because I wanted it to all fit snug, but not too small, so they were able to point me in the right direction in which size would be the best fit for me and after trying my gear on, they were exactly correct with my sizing!

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