Safety With Style! – Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Review

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After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I was on the search to find a medical ID bracelet that I could wear. I have always been an independent person.. I live by myself, go on runs, and do things where not everyone around me would know that I am a Type 1 Diabetic. So it gave me peace of mind that I could wear a medical ID that would tell people exactly what they needed to know if anything were to happen to me alone or even with friends.

The problem was that every medical ID I found was the typical silver chain bracelet with a big red medical tag to stick out like a sore thumb. It didn’t match my style or the jewelry that I wear. And on top of that, I didn’t want to be obviously labeled to the whole world that I am someone that has medical problems. Because of that, I didn’t want to wear it.

BUT THEN along came Lauren’s Hope! And man, did it give me some hope! Discovering Lauren’s Hope was a game changer. Lauren’s Hope makes a new form of medical ID jewelry because of the exact problem I had. Lauren’s Hope was created to design and create new medical ID that are actually fun, exciting, and cute to wear! They created a company that gives positive encouragement and empowerment to those having to wear medical IDs. Making people excited to wear their medical IDs. No longer making it a burden to wear those metal tags, but instead, making it a beautiful piece of jewelry that makes you feel empowered, stylish, and safe. Their IDs expand beyond bracelets and into necklaces, anklets, bag tags, charms, etc. There is a wide variety of different kinds of bracelets and jewelry to choose from. They have bracelets ranging from stylish to athletic, kids to adults, men’s to women’s.  Along choosing the type of bracelet you want, you also get to choose the color of medical tag, design you want, and then customize it with any engraving information that you want on the back. The amount of customizing you can do really helps tailor a medical ID bracelet exactly to want you want. Creating it to fit your style, personality, and lifestyle!

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My Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelet: Daydreamer

I got the Daydreamer bracelet and I am in love with it! It matches my style and personality perfectly! I chose my bracelet and the specific medical tag that I wanted paired with it. I also got to engrave 5 lines of information on the back of it! The medical tags are even interchangeable so if you get another bracelet that you like, you can easily transfer the tag to the new bracelet with out having to buy new tags! So efficient! I have been wearing mine non-stop ever since I got it! I have done everything in it: running, showering, and just doing my daily activities! It is made with the best quality of  sliver and with all of the activity I do and wearing it everyday, all of the beads and wiring are very secure and stay intact! My bracelet still looks brand new with no tarnish!


Not only is the jewelry wonderful, but the customer service was amazing. I got lots of help when deciding on what bracelet I wanted. They helped me pair the type of bracelet I liked and the tags that would go best with it! I told them my wrist size and they were able to make the bracelet to perfectly and comfortably fit me! They helped me right away with any questions I had and were able to send it out to me quickly!

I would 100% recommend Lauren’s Hope to any person in need of a medical ID because they are the best when it comes to stylish medical jewelry, wonderful customer service, and overall positive experience! I already want to order another one! Thank you Lauren’s Hope for making jewelry that makes having a chronic illness a little more fun!

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