there is no such thing as perfect quote

Perfect Is Boring

Daily T1D Inspiration

Sometimes we just need a reminder of this. Not everyone is perfect. Everyone goes through life with some kind of struggle or setback that makes them not perfect. Type 1 can be a blessing in disguise. It’s all about that positive attitude. Our imperfections is what makes us strong! Remember that.

The start to a new chapter

Daily T1D Inspiration, Diabetic Tips

After a long journey of traveling around the world this summer, where I was hospitalized overseas and diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic, my life has changed forever. I was inspired to come up with my own site to empower other diabetics to live life to the fullest (check out my About page). Having a strong support system and community is everything. We stand together. Showing hope and positivity can be all the difference.

Welcome to TypeOneTypeHappy! Everything diabetes.. The good, the bad, the bloody pricked fingers. Stay tuned for inspirational quotes, funny memes, diabetic friendly recipes, workouts, questions, diabetic news, and so much more!