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Christmas Is Forever

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Christmas isn’t just one day. Each day of the year should be filled with the same giving, loving, and sharing spirit. To better your family, community, and world is ultimately bettering your own self. When you give, you shall receive. Let’s remember that. Challenge for today: Share that love.. Let someone know that you love and care about him/her

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Thanksgiving Isn’t the Only Holiday In November


November is National Diabetes Awareness Month! I’m spending this time brainstorming on some great new fitness tips, inspirations, and recipes specifically for this special month. I am also actively recruiting my friends and family in joining me to register for JDRF’s Diabetes Walk to Cure on November 9th. I very excited to be a part of such a great organization to help spread Diabetic awareness and to raise money for that cure!! This is the time to rep that diabetic blue color and educate people on this disease.

dinosaur eating donut with insulin needle

To Trick -or- To Treat?

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Happy Halloween! Today is the day where we get our adrenalin pumping from spooky haunted houses and indulge in some tastebud stimulating candies. Before diving into those Halloween store bought candies and trick-or-treating sugar boosted treats, I wanted to share my short philosophy. My Halloween dinosaur and I will demonstrate.

Here is how a diabetic sees sugary foods and candies.. We do an overwhelming amount of math in our head to calculate how much insulin our body needs at the moment plus how much insulin is needed for the foods we are about to eat. While most others have a working pancreas that automatically does this math for them; we have become our own thinking, calculating pancreas. Well, in my philosophy I look at each sugary food that I am about to eat and contemplate, “Is it worth taking that extra insulin injection to eat this sugary thing that will only satisfy me for a second?” In some cases, yes, but in other cases, no. Type 1 Diabetics do not have to stay away from sugar, we can eat whatever we want.. However, it means that we just have to act as our pancreas and inject the amount of insulin needed. I tend to always answer my own question by saying, “No, its not worth that extra amount of foreign insulin and I do not want to take an injection.” I don’t want to mess up my numbers by sending it on a never ending roller coaster of ups and downs.

So this Halloween, ask yourself “Is this candy worth it?” before you eat something that is not of the “healthy lifestyle.” This will definitely help improve your thinking to making healthier decisions and will give you the confidence and support in being okay with saying “No” to the sugar. Saying “I don’t want the sugar” is a lot better than saying “I can’t have the sugar.”

Stick to the tricking and save the treating for some alternative healthier treats! For some ideas, check out my Recipes page.