finger pricking with gloves

Tip-Tip Hooray!

Diabetic Tips

Have you ever thought about whether the designer of fingerless gloves was a diabetic?! Think about it. What a genius idea that someone invented for us diabetics to be able to do our finger pricking in the cold weather, hassle-free. And it also makes quite the fashion statement! Day 23 for the Type Happy Holiday Challenge is to use this tip and put these babies on your Christmas list. Or you can even make your own by taking some old gloves and cutting the tips off them!

Tip-Tip Hooray!

charlie brown christmas

The Christmas List

Daily T1D Inspiration

For Christmas this year, I’m asking for a cure for Type 1. Who’s with me!? Day 10 of the Type Happy Challenge is to start creating your Christmas list. BUT instead of making a list of material things like you normally would.. Lets make a list of possibilities. Think about the things you would personally want to happen. This can be a kind of goal list for the new #2015 year!

I would like to run another full marathon, create more fun adventures to go on with my friends, participate in a triathlon, and to be more loyal to myself rather than always wanting to please others.

What are some of your #goals?