My Favorite Things- Gift Guide For Type 1 Diabetics

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Other than raindrops on roses being some of my favorite things… I have composed a long list of things that can make it easier for someone shopping for their Type 1 Diabetic family member or friend. A lot of non-diabetics don’t know what to get for with Type 1 Diabetic friend, daughter, son, mom, dad, etc. And even a lot of Type 1 Diabetics don’t know of all the cool and helpful products out there that can make Type 1 Diabetes a little more fun or stylish or silly! I wanted to make a large list of my personal favorite things that have helped me in my diabetic life! This ultimate gift guide can be used as a great resource for people to get for their: other dia-besties, birthdays, holidays, dia-versarys (anniversary of your T1D diagnosis), or even to just get for yourself because they are so cool and everyone should be able to “treat yo’ self” every once in a while. To be honest, receiving and trying each of these things has made my Type 1 Diabetic life a little more fun and exciting! Using these things gets you kind of excited about being a Type 1 for once in your life!

I created a list of names/products with their link to access it easily, a description of what they do, and some pictures to get a taste of what each product is!

So lets get on with this super exciting list that will make you yell “Yay for having Type 1 Diabetes!”:

  • Myabetic Bag

    • Myabetic has created fashionable premium diabetes supply cases and accessories to control your diabetes with style! Fits everything that you would need like insulin pens, lancets, glucose meters, Dexcoms, pockets for extra needles, alcohol wipes, test strips, etc. Comes in many different colors, sizes, and designs. I have the Myabetic Banting Wallet in pink pictured below.

  • Genteel Lancing Device

    • The Genteel is a pain-free lancing device that uses a vacuum technology to pull out your droplet of blood for testing that makes it a pain less experience! The best part about it is that you can test from any where on your body, giving your finger tips a break! You can test from the palm of your hand, arm, legs, stomach, back, etc. The device comes in many different colors (I have the pink one) and it comes with a bunch of stickers so that you can decorate how ever you want! Every time I look at it, it makes diabetes a littleeee more fun. Look here at my review of the Genteel for further information and how I like to use it!

Use this coupon code for $15 off your Genteel order: forALLtypes (expires January 31, 2017)

  • Type One Type Happy Shirts, Mugs, Totes, Beanies

    • Of course I had to add in my own swag to this list. Show off how much of a DiaBadAss you are with these high quality, comfortable shirts and tanks! Great stuff for both guys and girls! As well as winter beanies, mugs, and canvas totes.

  • Senita Athletic Gear

    • I recently discovered this workout gear company that has the cutest, functional, great quality workout clothes for all women. And the best part about it is that their prices are amazingly doable and affordable! In each piece of clothing they also have secret pockets that are perfect to store your glucose or meter or pump! Check out my review of Senita’s gear here! Use this coupon code for 10% off your order: typeonetypehappy (coupon expires December 14, 2016).

  • SPI Belt

    • While I workout I hated carrying around all my much needed supplies like keys, phone, glucose, meter, etc. However with this amazing sports belt, it makes it super easy to be able to bring your supplies with you. My favorite thing about it is that you can wear it tight enough to where it doesn’t bounce as you run.. because that can be one of the most frustrating things when your workout belt bounces and hits you with each step. The have Diabetes Belt that features a little slit in it where you are able to thread your pump tubing through to make it more comfortable to wear and it is big enough to store your glucose and other things as well!

  • Sleek Treat Subscription Box

    • Sleek Treat is a subscription box that delivers monthly sugar-free treats to your door step! In each box is 5-8 different gourmet treats brought to you to discover your new favorite sweets! A great way to get excited about some sugar-free alternatives to add to your candy drawer!

  • I Heart Guts’s Stuffed Pancreas

    • This is the cutest gift to make someone smile. Give them an actual cute working pancreas to look at since us Type 1s don’t have a good one.


  • Grif Grips 

    • Grif Grips keep your pump and CGM secure with fun, stylish stickers to wear! So many different colors and patterns to choose from! They make it fun experience to pick out which one you want to wear next!


  • Pump Peelz

    • This is a fun way to decorate your diabetes devices with custom skins from OmniPods to Animas Meters to OneTouch to Contour to Tamdem to Medtronic, etc.! So many fun sticker wraps to cover your devices to make you smile a little more when ever you look at it!


  • Alex and Ani- Type 1 Diabetes Otter Bracelets 

    • Alex and Ani bracelet company teamed up with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in creating these adorable pair of otter bracelets.They chose the theme of an otter because otters are known to hold hands to secure themselves from drifting apart, otters are symbols of friendship and unity. Rafting side-by-side, otters are comforting creatures adaptable to change and transition. Bask in the glow of good times and make the best of what floats your way… JUST LIKE LIFE WITH Type 1 Diabetes! AND Alex and Any will donate 20% of the purchase price from each Side By Side set sold, with a minimum donation of $25,000, between October 2015 and December 2016 to JDRF whose charitable purpose is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D) and its complications through the support of research.


  • Frio Cooling Products

    • Frio pouches are amazing for people who are travelers,  beach go-ers, campers, people going to long hot music festivals, or even for people just living in a hotter climate. I use my pouch everywhere to store my insulin pens to keep them cool and at a safe temperature, so they do not heat up wherever I am and spoil. And the best thing is that all it requires is water to activate it’s cooling, insulating technology. A definite need for everyone to have stored with their emergency supplies.

  • Thought Blossom Medical IDs

    • This is another great medical id company that I found through Etsy. Her work is amazing. She creates unconventional medical ids on beautiful gold bracelets! It’s something unique and beautiful that I haven’t seen anyone else do.

  • Prikkedief Bags/Clutches and Bracelets

    • Prikkedief combines diabetes with fashion. They turn our daily diabetes supplies into colorful contemporary fashion items! I have the leather Power Bracelet to wear with pride! They also make cute clutches and bags for all of your daily supplies!

  • Pocket Inner Wear

    • Pocket Inner Wear created undergarments for men, women, and children for more hidden places to hide and store their pump in their every day wear.


  • Monica Vesci Bags

    • These diabetic supplies bags are a new, fashionable, cute look to holding all of your diabetes needs! Just looking at it from the outside, you would never know that inside keeps all the medical supplies! It is big enough to where you can keep more things like your phone, keys, etc. so that it is all in one simple organized place!
  • Dazzling Pump Pouches

    • These are cute pouches made to store your pump in a cute fun way! Perfect for kids!


  • Beyond Type 1 Swag- Plush Type 1 Diabetic Snail Stuffed Animal & Drop Hat

    • Beyond Type 1 is a non-profit organization aiming to advocate, educate, and cure Type 1 Diabetes! They have a snail mail pen pal program that pairs you with another Type 1 friend from around the world where you can connect with a new Type 1 friend and talk about anything and everything! The mascot of this program is Percy the snail.. He has Type 1 Diabetes too and he wears a pump just like us! Percy is short for perseverance because of all the hard work that us Type 1 Diabetics go through every day! He is the perfect friend! The Drop Hat is another awesome symbol to rock! The Drop is Beyond Type 1’s logo that symbolizes a drop of blood that we see every day. It is a cool, chic way to rock some diabetes gear without it being too out there!

  • Mantra Bands

    • These cuff bracelets are simple and inspiring. Whenever I look down at mine, it always serves as a reminder to lift my spirits up! I got the “Warrior” bracelet to remind myself how much of a warrior I am for dealing with diabetes every moment of every day. We are all warriors. And I also go the “Let your light shine” mantra to always allow myself to be who I am and let my light shine the brightest it can!

  • Lily’s Sweets Chocolates

    • Lily’s is perfect for any chocolate lover! The best part is that there is no sugar added, it is only sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia. Lily’s comes in all kinds of chocolate bar flavors to try! It also comes in chocolate chip form which is great for cooking and baking!

  • The Sweet Life Cookbook by Chef Sam Talbot

    • A former Top Chef winner and a Type 1 Diabetic himself, Sam Talbot, created this cookbook where he writes about his Type 1 journey while also providing many yummy recipes for all of us other Type 1s  and non-diabetics to make! He shows there are no limits to living with Type 1 Diabetes. Very inspiring!


  • All American Paleo Table by Caroline Potter

    • Caroline Potter is also a fellow Type 1 Diabetic who created her own cookbook as a low carb, paleo, grain-free perspective. I found her through Instagram and I loved her story and the things that she creates. It is filled with great ideas for low carb cooking! Who said low carb was boring?! Not here!


  • Further Food’s Further Collagen

    • I have recently got into the trend of adding the superfood collagen protein powder into my smoothies! Collagen dissolves quickly into anything! It has no taste, no texture, no smell, nothing! So you can add it into anything (even coffee, soup, baking, any recipe) to get your protein intake! Collagen improves joint health, reduces joint stiffness, builds bone strength, and so much more. The best thing about it is that it has no additives of sugar or artificial ingredients. It has no sugars, no carbs (great for us Type 1s)! Just straight up grass fed, pasture raised, gluten free, non GMO, kosher, paleo bovine hide! The perfect gift for any health nut! Read my full review of it on here! Get 10% off your order with the coupon code: GRETCHEN10

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  • Michelle Auerbach’s The Pink Kitten bracelets

    • Michelle is a Type 1 Diabetic herself who makes handmade, vintage, creative bracelets. Her bracelets are beautiful inspiring pieces of jewelry. Each time you look at it, it gives you a relaxing calm reminder to take moment and breath. Taking each moment step by step.. Even with diabetes.


  • I Have The Sugar’s t-shirts

    • Libby Russell strives to “punch diabetes in the face, one prick at a time.” She is a fellow Type 1 and straight up hilarious! She has created cute, punny Type 1 related shirts to appeal to any one. I am personally obsessed with so many and each one makes me smile!
  • JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Swag

    • JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) carries some fun Type 1 Diabetes things to shop from. I personally have the “No Limits” long sleeved shirt. They have all kinds of products that you can use and wear to show off a little T1D proudness and bring out awareness!


  • Delaney Blue Wine- Wine For A Cure

    • In the need of a home warming gift or perhaps a bottle of wine to give to your hostess for all those holiday parties you are going ?! Or have a wine fanatic friend?! Or even just love settling down to a glass of wine after a long day of watching Christmas movies? Look no further.. Delaney Blue Wine created a Sauvignon Blanc wine from Napa Valley grapes to raise funds for life changing diabetes research. The proceeds raised from their wine is donated to Type 1 research for a cure! Their daughter, Delaney, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes so being already knowledgable of wine, they created this specific wine company to raise money and make a difference in the T1D community!

**If you are an adult over 21 years of age and have diabetes, please discuss with your physician before consuming any alcohol**


Senita Athletics Gear

Diabetic Tips For Working Out, Products I Love

After becoming a Type 1 Diabetic, athletic wear and pockets to store my glucose, meter, phone, and keys started to become a problem. Before being a Type 1 Diabetic, I would run and workout with carrying the least amount of stuff possible because I didn’t have the storage for it and I just didn’t like how it felt to have extra weight on me. However, now being a Type 1 Diabetic, I have no choice but to carry this extra weight on me because I NEED it and it can be life threatening to not have those things with me at all times.

I got the chance to discover a new fitness apparel company called Senita Athletics that saved me in my need of extra storage for my daily essentials. Senita Athletics was created by two strong, active women that wanted to change the athletic world by providing high quality fabrics with beautiful designs at affordable prices. They wanted to create fashionable, functional, and durable products for all women to wear.

The first thing that attracted me to this company was the cute designs of their clothes. Then I started to dig deeper and noticed all of the amazing pockets that are available in their products! In each of their activewear, there is a secret pocket to store anything that you may need. I loved that. I haven’t seen any other athletic wear company that has pockets like these! Thirdly, their prices for premium athletic wear was really shockingly inexpensive and definitely doable. Everything listed is on their website is below $50. Which is amazing because if you compare a pair of yoga pants at other athletic companies, their leggings are double that price. Then finally, I read their story behind the company and I fell in love with it even more. Their brother has Type 1 Diabetes too so they understand the need of great workout wear for all of our supplies! I love supporting other entrepreneur women that are trying to make the active lifestyle more accessible to all kinds of women from marathoners, to yogis, to walkers. It’s for everyone and empowering all women.

So with all of those thoughts in my head, I ordered the Black Fierce Pants in a medium (priced at $38) and the Sarah Sports Bra-Bahamas in a medium (priced at $26)! I still couldn’t get over the awesome prices! I jumped up and down with excitement about all of the cute things I got! When they finally came in the mail and I was really intrigued to see if the fabric quality was as good as they said it was. I opened the package and felt the products and they were! I was truly SO impressed with the quality of fabric! I put them on immediately to see how they fit and they both fit PERFECTLY! And of course, I had to inspect the pockets! On the sports bra, there’s a giant pocket on the back of the razorback strap. So genius how they put a pocket there! It can easily fit my phone, keys, or glucose meter! I felt very secure in it, not worried of anything popping out! The pants were so comfortable and the mesh part along the leg was such a cute accent to add to your simple black legging. I could tell that they were made with good material because as I bent my knees or bent down, it didn’t stretch the fabric to becoming sheer and see-through. It stayed opaque which is how you know if leggings are of a good quality! The pocket on these were just as useful. There are pockets on either side of the pant leg to store my glucose gels and a secret pocket at the top seam for my keys!

Overall I am very impressed with Senita Athletics! The quality, the designs, the function is all amazing. I have already did a test run by going on a run in my new outfit and it really did work perfectly for me. I was comfortable, felt confident, and was able to store the supplies that I brought with me!

Also, on another note, the customer service was extremely helpful! They were able to answer all of my questions about the product and sizing help! I was having a hard time deciding on the sizing because I wanted it to all fit snug, but not too small, so they were able to point me in the right direction in which size would be the best fit for me and after trying my gear on, they were exactly correct with my sizing!

If you are interested to try Senita Athletics, use this coupon code and receive 10% off your order: typeonetypehappy
(coupon expires December 14th, 2016- makes for the perfect Holiday gift too!)

Going Further Into Collagen

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Lately I have seen so many up and coming trends of people using Collagen protein supplements to add to their daily routines. I have been super interested in trying it and experiencing its benefits.

What is “collagen”?

From Further Food, “Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, making up 90% of connective tissue, 90% organic bone mass, and 70% of our skin. In our early 20s, collagen production decreases, with 50% of our supply depleted by our 60s. Decreased collagen means more wrinkles, saggy skin, joint stiffness, weaker bones and thinner hair. Luckily, supplementation has been proven to prevent and reverse the effects of this loss.”

Some of the benefits of taking collagen supplements include: promoting weight loss, builds stronger bones, alleviates inflammation, improves flexibility, speeds up muscle recovery time, prevents heartburn, repairs intestinal lining, contains 18 amino acids and 8 essential amnio acids (imperative to post workout recovery), smoothes cellulite/ stretch marks/ acne scars, reduces wrinkles, hydrates skin, and builds strong hair/ teeth/ nails.

I have finally had the chance to get my own collagen supplements and put it to the test! I got my first collagen tub from Further Collagen . The first thing I thought was, “What can I mix this with?” It is a powder form, just like any other protein powder. I always wondered “Does it taste weird? What does collagen powder mix well with?” With these first few questions, I did a little research and looked up what I could mix it with! I found some amazing recipes and information about it from the Further Food’s website about their product. To my surprise, you can seriously just mix it into anything, just like you would with other protein powders. I immediately started to play around with it in the kitchen to try my first collagen experience. Of course my go-to protein mix in is a smoothie. So I whipped it up in a delicious Pumpkin Spice flavored smoothie.

Blender Recipe:

  • Ice
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk
  • A scoop of Further Collagen
  • Half of a persimmon
  • Tablespoon of Salba Chia Seeds
  • A dash of cinnamon
  • A pinch of Pumpkin Pie Spice

And topped it off with:

It turns out that I don’t even taste it! The best part about it is that it is flavorless, does not have an odor, and does not have a weird gelatin texture. It dissolves well in anything. As I look through Further Food’s recipes with collagen, it makes me realize how versatile it really is! You can mix it and make it into smoothies, soups, puddings, frosting/spreads, cakes, breads, omelets, literally EVERYTHING. Pretty cool!

I also love that this Further Collegan is super clean. I like how it is simply just the collagen with nothing else added. It is made with 100% South American Pasture Raised Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides that is grass-fed, pasture-raised, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, and paleo. There are only 29 calories, 7g of protein, with 0g sugar, and 0g carbs in one scoop. Seeing that as a Type 1 Diabetic is a plus for me. So it does not affect my blood sugars spiking it with the powder alone. One of the most frustrating things is finding a protein powder (or some kind of supplement) that doesn’t have a whole bunch of added sugar and carbs to make is taste better. When supplements add those sneaky added sugars to just make the supplement taste good, it ends up spiking my blood sugars.

So over all, I am quite impressed with my first collagen experience! I can’t wait to make more things with it and incorporate it into more of my recipes!

If you are interested in trying it out too, here is where you can grab your first tub like me from: Further Collegan

AND receive 10% off your order with this coupon code too: GRETCHEN10

Safety With Style! – Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Review

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After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I was on the search to find a medical ID bracelet that I could wear. I have always been an independent person.. I live by myself, go on runs, and do things where not everyone around me would know that I am a Type 1 Diabetic. So it gave me peace of mind that I could wear a medical ID that would tell people exactly what they needed to know if anything were to happen to me alone or even with friends.

The problem was that every medical ID I found was the typical silver chain bracelet with a big red medical tag to stick out like a sore thumb. It didn’t match my style or the jewelry that I wear. And on top of that, I didn’t want to be obviously labeled to the whole world that I am someone that has medical problems. Because of that, I didn’t want to wear it.

BUT THEN along came Lauren’s Hope! And man, did it give me some hope! Discovering Lauren’s Hope was a game changer. Lauren’s Hope makes a new form of medical ID jewelry because of the exact problem I had. Lauren’s Hope was created to design and create new medical ID that are actually fun, exciting, and cute to wear! They created a company that gives positive encouragement and empowerment to those having to wear medical IDs. Making people excited to wear their medical IDs. No longer making it a burden to wear those metal tags, but instead, making it a beautiful piece of jewelry that makes you feel empowered, stylish, and safe. Their IDs expand beyond bracelets and into necklaces, anklets, bag tags, charms, etc. There is a wide variety of different kinds of bracelets and jewelry to choose from. They have bracelets ranging from stylish to athletic, kids to adults, men’s to women’s.  Along choosing the type of bracelet you want, you also get to choose the color of medical tag, design you want, and then customize it with any engraving information that you want on the back. The amount of customizing you can do really helps tailor a medical ID bracelet exactly to want you want. Creating it to fit your style, personality, and lifestyle!

medical id

My Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelet: Daydreamer

I got the Daydreamer bracelet and I am in love with it! It matches my style and personality perfectly! I chose my bracelet and the specific medical tag that I wanted paired with it. I also got to engrave 5 lines of information on the back of it! The medical tags are even interchangeable so if you get another bracelet that you like, you can easily transfer the tag to the new bracelet with out having to buy new tags! So efficient! I have been wearing mine non-stop ever since I got it! I have done everything in it: running, showering, and just doing my daily activities! It is made with the best quality of  sliver and with all of the activity I do and wearing it everyday, all of the beads and wiring are very secure and stay intact! My bracelet still looks brand new with no tarnish!


Not only is the jewelry wonderful, but the customer service was amazing. I got lots of help when deciding on what bracelet I wanted. They helped me pair the type of bracelet I liked and the tags that would go best with it! I told them my wrist size and they were able to make the bracelet to perfectly and comfortably fit me! They helped me right away with any questions I had and were able to send it out to me quickly!

I would 100% recommend Lauren’s Hope to any person in need of a medical ID because they are the best when it comes to stylish medical jewelry, wonderful customer service, and overall positive experience! I already want to order another one! Thank you Lauren’s Hope for making jewelry that makes having a chronic illness a little more fun!

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Genteel (The Gentle) Painless Lancing Instrument

Products I Love

Can you think of a time where you have used the words: lancet, painless, fun, and cute all in the sentence? I can’t. Until now..

One day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and ended up on a rabbit trail leading me to Genteel’s Instagram page. I quickly became really interested to discover this new lancet that is painless! After looking at all the pictures and videos, I was sold, I just had to get one! So I did. I loved it so much that I wanted to talk about it and review it so others can discover its painless, fun way to test your blood sugars too!

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Us Type 1 Diabetics usually test our blood sugars on our fingertips up to 10+ times a day. The instrument (a lancet) that we typically used to prick our fingers to test are spring loaded needles to poke and draw the blood. Yes, poking our fingers every time hurts every time. This is because there are an abundance of pain nerves very close to the surface of our skin in our fingertips. So the typical lancet needles poke to through the skin and into those pain nerves every time. We stab ourselves to get that little drop of blood to know what shape our blood sugars are in. I am now 25 years old and it still hurts me. I can only imagine what little children feel when they prick their fingers and have it hurt just as much too.

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However, this all changes with my new Genteel lancet! Genteel uses a vacuum technology to draw the blood out without the painful feel of the prick! It is amazing! I don’t feel anything at all and little kids wouldn’t either! I saw a video on the Genteel’s website that had a mother test her child with Genteel while the child was sleeping and the child didn’t even wake up!..That’s how comfortable it is. I feel more confident as I use it because I do not have that sense of hesitation and anticipation of the pain like I do with the other lancing instruments. Another cool thing about using Genteel is that you can successfully, painlessly test from many parts of your body, not just your fingertips. You can give those fingertips a rest and test else where! You can test from your fingertips, palms of your hand, arms, stomach, forearms, shoulders, thighs, calves, hips, and chest.

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With Genteel, you can pick from many colors what color you want it to be. I got the pink one! The Genteel lancet also comes with contact strips where you can control the depth of the vacuum’s penetration of how much blood you want (I use the #2 option). It comes with lots of easy to read brocheaurs and instructions of how to use it. The website is very helpful too for video instruction as well as a 24 hour help line to chat with Genteel directly.  It also comes with its own carrying case to put your new lancet, meter, and other diabetic accessories in. And my favorite part- it comes with tons of FUN stickers to decorate and customize your new Genteel with! I just love how Genteel makes it cute and fun for diabetics to test and use this device! Of course I just HAD to decorate mine with the unicorns, dolphins, rainbows, hearts, and stars stickers provided.

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I love my new stylish lancet and I definitely recommend it to all children, teens, and adults. Painless, customizable, and easy- what’s not to love?!

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Here is a little video of how I use mine: