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Can you think of a time where you have used the words: lancet, painless, fun, and cute all in the sentence? I can’t. Until now..

One day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and ended up on a rabbit trail leading me to Genteel’s Instagram page. I quickly became really interested to discover this new lancet that is painless! After looking at all the pictures and videos, I was sold, I just had to get one! So I did. I loved it so much that I wanted to talk about it and review it so others can discover its painless, fun way to test your blood sugars too!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Us Type 1 Diabetics usually test our blood sugars on our fingertips up to 10+ times a day. The instrument (a lancet) that we typically used to prick our fingers to test are spring loaded needles to poke and draw the blood. Yes, poking our fingers every time hurts every time. This is because there are an abundance of pain nerves very close to the surface of our skin in our fingertips. So the typical lancet needles poke to through the skin and into those pain nerves every time. We stab ourselves to get that little drop of blood to know what shape our blood sugars are in. I am now 25 years old and it still hurts me. I can only imagine what little children feel when they prick their fingers and have it hurt just as much too.

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However, this all changes with my new Genteel lancet! Genteel uses a vacuum technology to draw the blood out without the painful feel of the prick! It is amazing! I don’t feel anything at all and little kids wouldn’t either! I saw a video on the Genteel’s website that had a mother test her child with Genteel while the child was sleeping and the child didn’t even wake up!..That’s how comfortable it is. I feel more confident as I use it because I do not have that sense of hesitation and anticipation of the pain like I do with the other lancing instruments. Another cool thing about using Genteel is that you can successfully, painlessly test from many parts of your body, not just your fingertips. You can give those fingertips a rest and test else where! You can test from your fingertips, palms of your hand, arms, stomach, forearms, shoulders, thighs, calves, hips, and chest.

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With Genteel, you can pick from many colors what color you want it to be. I got the pink one! The Genteel lancet also comes with contact strips where you can control the depth of the vacuum’s penetration of how much blood you want (I use the #2 option). It comes with lots of easy to read brocheaurs and instructions of how to use it. The website is very helpful too for video instruction as well as a 24 hour help line to chat with Genteel directly.  It also comes with its own carrying case to put your new lancet, meter, and other diabetic accessories in. And my favorite part- it comes with tons of FUN stickers to decorate and customize your new Genteel with! I just love how Genteel makes it cute and fun for diabetics to test and use this device! Of course I just HAD to decorate mine with the unicorns, dolphins, rainbows, hearts, and stars stickers provided.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I love my new stylish lancet and I definitely recommend it to all children, teens, and adults. Painless, customizable, and easy- what’s not to love?!

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Here is a little video of how I use mine:



Daily T1D Inspiration

We prick our fingers to draw blood 6+ times a day,

We give ourselves injections 5+ times a day,

We get over our fears of needles,

We eat sugar to prevent going unconscious..

Those are some of the things that make us truly dia-BADASSES!

Live with confidence because we battle the silent fight while living the life we love.

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Self Care

Daily T1D Inspiration

Listening to our bodies and taking care of them is the best thing that we could ever do. Our bodies are our temple.

Somedays there are those extremely frustrating days where you can’t get your numbers in that good range, but take it day by day and moment by moment. Don’t be afraid to excuse yourself from something to take a moment to take care of you body and listen to what it needs!

My blood sugar right now: 216 mg/dl

Have a great day!

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A Symphony of Symptoms

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Today I wanted to share one of the many stories of my Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and the adventures with my symptoms. And it is probably one of the most embarrassing ones by far. This is the story where a grown girl peed in her pants.. Yes, PEED in my own pants.. in public!

new york city

It was summertime in hot, muggy, fabulous New York City! I traveled from my home in California to stay with my best friend from college in the City. I was 23 years old and it was my first real time traveling to stay in New York. I left everything behind in the search of new experiences and wonderful adventures with my great old friend.

me and my friend

One day my friend had a casting call for an audition for a play in Midtown where she would have to be gone all day. I decided that I would take this time to have a relaxing day to myself. She lived all the way up in Washington Heights so going to the movies in Midtown was going to be a full trek.

Keep in mind, this was 3 weeks before I have seen a doctor and was officially diagnosed so the symptoms where creeping up on me at this time in full force.

As I was walking down, what feels like a hundred blocks, I frequently had to stop for bathroom breaks along the way. I also took the time to guzzle down two liters of water and continued on my way. I sat on the subway already exhausted from my walking, but my determination to see a movie was overpowering my will to stop.

I finally got to the craziness of Midtown. There were tons of people walking in all directions, old construction workers whistling at me, flashing lights, and a bombardment of concrete jungle noises. I was just a simple girl from surf town California, starring down at my iPhone maps, trying to avoid getting lost. I FINALLY got to the movie theater. As soon as I opened the door, there were masses amounts of people in line for the movies. I stood in line and waited. As I was waiting I started to feel that urge.. that urge to go to the bathroom again. I squeezed my legs together, holding my breath thinking that this line would move a little faster so that I can just buy my ticket and use the restroom. I stood up straight, my eyes watered, and I just couldn’t handle it any longer. I left my place in line in the search of a bathroom.

Now this New York City movie theater is not like all other movie theaters that I am used to going to. Usually the movies are laid out on one floor with the bathrooms in clear sight with signs. But this theater had multiple levels where you bought the ticket on the first floor and then you went up to the various other floors to see your movie.

I briskly walked and then practically jogged all along the perimeter of this crowded movie lobby. I COULD NOT FIND A BATHROOM ANYWHERE! It didn’t have any restrooms on that first floor. You needed to have a ticket to go up to the next levels where the bathrooms were. I was so desperate, feeling so hopeless, alone, and frantic. After I made a whole lap around the room looking, I started to feel something wet trailing down my leg. I look down and I am peeing in the middle of this lobby. I can’t stop! I try so hard to control it, but I can’t! I can’t do one thing about it! My eyes start to water with tears and I am just a wet leaking mess. I feel defeated. I remember thinking “I am a 23 year old grown girl, how the heck can this happen?! Why can’t I control my own body? Why is this happening?” Confused and crushed, I sneak to a corner of the lobby to pull myself together, tied a sweatshirt around my waist, and attempted to clean the mess up with my shoe. I got in line again, looking at no one. I finally got my ticket and head up the the fourth floor to my movie. As soon as I got to my floor I rushed to the bathroom to assess the damage that had just happened. I get into a stall, cried more, cleaned up my legs, and stuffed tissue down my pants to help soak up the wetness.

Feeling at my lowest low, I decided to make the best of it and buy myself a large water and popcorn (my favorite). I sat myself alone in a comfy chair in the dark theater. The previews start and I can already feel myself feeling a little better. I sink into my chair, disappear into the darkness, and chowed down on my delicious popcorn. (Of course I went to the bathroom 4 more times throughout the 2 hour film, but at least I made it to the bathroom).

This is one of the many stories that I will forever remember about my diagnosis. For those that do not know, these are some of the major symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes. At the time I had no idea what was going on with my body. I knew something was not right, but I did not think that I was anything extreme. I was wrong. And this day was one of the days where I was actually very worried about myself. I was exhausted, extremely thirsty all the time, had constant dry mouth, and lost 30 pounds in a week and a half. It is very important to know of these symptoms to avoid something tragic and deadly. I wanted to share my story in the hopes of opening people’s eyes to these symptoms and to the awareness of this disease. Here is a list of the common symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes onset.

The common symptoms include (adapted from JDRF):

  • Extreme thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Sudden vision changes
  • Sugar in urine
  • Fruity, sweet, or wine-like odor on breath
  • Increased appetite
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Drowsiness, lethargy
  • Yeast infections
  • Heavy, labored breathing
  • Stupor, unconsciousness
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Find Your Food Journey

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Food itself can have an amazing journey. I have always loved food. Who doesn’t love food!? Cooking and creating recipes with my mom was always one of my favorite things to do when I was little.. and it still is to this day. Throughout all my travels around the world, I have loved experiencing each country through its food. It is the best way to fully indulge, submerge, and understand the cultures.


Even being diagnosed, at 23, with the incurable unpreventable autoimmune disease, Type 1 Diabetes, has given me a whole new adventure and experimentation with food. I do have to say in my life before I was diagnosed, I could eat whatever I wanted. I was a health conscious and very active person, but I really never thought twice about how many grams of something there is or what kind of sweeteners are used or what I put into my body. So now in my life, after my diagnosis, I became way more focused about what I eat and how it reacts with my body. I now keep track of how many grams of sugar, carbs, and protein are in each piece of food. I study the backs of products for the Nutritional Facts labels. I research what kinds of alternatives can work to replace certain “bad” foods. I experiment with how my body performs during a workout after eating specific foods. It is quite a blessing to be able to have my eyes opened to my body’s sensitivities. Even though it took a disease to show me more in depth about food and what it can do for my body, I am glad it did.

I think every person has a food journey. I think that everyone should be able to look more closely into their food and how it affects their bodies, whether they have a disease or not. Every body is different, so finding what foods work specifically for YOU is one of the best lessons that you can learn in life. And now I have as much fun in the kitchen as I did before Type1 because I like the challenge of making my food healthy as much as I like to make my presentation beautiful!

Check out my latest publication on Further Food! It features my food journey to finding what works for my body and my condition, a list of the foods I love, and some of my fun recipes too! Read about my article on Further Food here!

I am also very honored to be chosen as Further Food’s official “Health Hero” to help others create new food masterpieces in the kitchen and inspire them to follow their own food journey.

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