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Happy Father’s Day To The Strongest Dad There Is

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Happy Father’s Day to the man that taught me how to ride a bike, to change a tire, to ride a horse, to play sports, to give myself insulin shots, to snowboard, and to always believe in myself! Thank you dad for all your overwhelming amounts of love and support!

My dad is the strongest T1D dad that I know! He has been dealing with Type 1 for 20 years and not once have I seen the disease get him down. One of the most important things that he has taught me is that Type 1 does not slow me down. He does anything and everything with his Type 1 and I have never seen him complain about it once. Yes, this disease suck, so we do complain about it together now that I have it too. But, he is so strong to be able to take such good care of his Type 1, while taking care of our family. Type 1 itself is already a full-time job. When I was younger, I understood what the disease was and the precautions of it from the outside, but now that I am Type 1 too, I have learned an even more respect for my dad because now I see and understand the mental and physical struggles inside that us Type 1s go through every single second of every single day.

He inspires me everyday to take my disease with positivity. He empowers me to be my own warrior. He teaches me to live my life to the fullest.

Here is to one heck of a strong man, a coach, the ultimate T1D buddy, a best friend, my dad!

Back to the Basics

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There’s a point in each year where you feel that there is a change in your life that is happening. I had to take some time away from my normal routines to faces those changes head on. Taking a moment to focus on the new. Now, that all my moving and traveling is mostly over with, I am excited to now let my mind wander in creativity and cooking again.

Time to get back to my blogging!

Embrace changes and just roll with with odd & new. Taking one step at a time and soaking up the beautiful present.

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Everyone Has A “Something”

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What is your “something”?

This ideology of a “something” is an idea that I have came up with during my first week of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As I was first battling the depression and anger of becoming diagnosed, I was forced with facts and having to change my perspective. It dawned on me and forever changed my life. Not everyone goes through life without battling “something.” A “something” can be a diagnoses, addiction, a broken leg, family problems, death, any kind of thing that can be thought of as a “set back.” Everyone has to deal with some kind of thing in life that isn’t perfect. No one is perfect. We can often be caught up with the notion that our society silently states that everyone is normal, and if your aren’t “normal,” you are different, and different is bad. No, being different is not bad, it’s wonderful. It can push you beyond your limits and surprise you how strong of a person you really are. Your “something” is unique, it is hard, but it can be empowering to move you to prove your strength to yourself. I often fight the image of being seen as a “weak” person because of my “something” and I love to prove them wrong when I can conquer it with strength and grace. Perspective is what changes it all. Perspective can hold the key to let your “something” be a part of you and not let it hold you back.

Read my first published article, “The Newly Diagnosed Vacation” on Insulin Nation, a great site tackling the issues of Type 1. The story I write about reflects how I changed my mindset of my diagnosis from being a hardship, into a challenge that I must face and overcome. I talk about how I was first introduced to seeing that Type 1 is my “something” and accepting it.

Find your “something” and embrace.

believe that you can

Believe In Yourself

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As a new diabetic, I have discovered the dreaded hemoglobin A1C blood tests. It’s basically like a not-so-fun test that you can’t study for. It is a test to see a person’s average blood sugar levels for the past 3 months. The normal hemoglobin A1C levels that an average person has are between 5.7 and 6.4. For us diabetics it is a test that shows our doctors how we manage our blood sugars. A really good A1C reading for diabetics is any where somewhat close to the 6.0-7.0 range. Managing blood sugars itself is an up and down rollercoaster that can be a tiring 24/7 task, but we must do it.

Today I went to my usual endocrinologist doctor appointment to go over my test results among other things. I was nervous to see what my A1C report would be because the past three months were during the craziness of the holidays. A diabetic’s A1C can be its worst of the year during this time because we eat what we would normally not eat, not exercise as much, and our daily routine is just not the same, therefore making our numbers stay a little higher than normal. But that is okay! Those are special occasions and we are allowed to live a little! As my endocrinologist opens up her files to pull out my report, I instantly tense up. She looked at the paper then at me with a smile. Her smile made me feel at ease and I was eager to see what my numbers were. She was happy to report to me that my numbers were amazing! She was so happy for me and confident that my numbers were going to be great on this test. I received a 6.6! This was the best kind of news that I could of heard! It had made my whole day, actually my whole week! I remember when I was first diagnosed my first A1C was 9.1! I have come a long way. It just reassured myself that everything that I am doing as I am learning about myself is working for me. Even through Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day I can still listen to my own body and do what it needs.

After hearing this great news, it was time for a celebration! I needed to reward myself for the awesome news and for the great path that I am paving for myself. I picked up my favorite person (my boyfriend) and went to my favorite place for brunch where I ordered a large plate of eggs, sausage, and blueberry pancakes! Quite the celebration!

It is so crucial to be able to allow yourself to have celebrations and special occasions where you can let yourself enjoy and indulge. When big milestones, little achievements, and personal goals are met allow yourself to celebrate and reward yourself with something that truly makes you feel above and beyond because you deserve it.

Believe that you CAN and everything else will follow!