Holidays.. The Best and Worst Time of the Year.. The Holiday Stress

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The holidays are the best time of the year, but also, they can be the worst. With the holidays come happiness and cheer, but also… the stress. Type 1 Diabetes and stress are like oil and water… they do not mix! Stress in your body and mind can naturally create long-term high blood glucose levels. These long-term stresses are actually mainly from mental stresses. When you are stressed, your body pumps out the adrenaline and cortisol hormones that alter your blood sugars to rise. Day 14 of the Type Happy Holiday Challenge I want you to focus on yourself. I would like for you to go escape from the holiday chaos for at least an hour and do something that relaxes you and relieves your stress. It can be anything from drawing, writing, watching a movie, running, walking, anything. For me, I like to go do something active. I love to —, afterwards my endorphins kick in and I feel like a whole new happy person ready to attack that hecticness in a new light!

elf movie workout

No Couch Potato Butts This Holiday Season


“Santaaaa! I know him, I know him!!”

During the holiday season everyone loves watching the classic Christmas films… But not many people make it into a workout! Day 13 of the Type Happy Challenge is to watch your favorite Christmas movie while doing 5 sets of 50 squats periodically throughout the film and you must finish before the movie ends! I watched “Elf” of course!

Get those glutes lookin’ good for Santa!

christmas house

Holiday House Hunting Happiness


One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is look at the neighborhood holiday lights and decorations. Day 11 for the Type Happy Challenge is to run, walk, bike, rollerblade, or any form of active movement through your neighborhood to look at the lights. This is a great, fun workout that doesn’t even seem like you are doing any work. I biked six miles around my neighborhood looking at some extremely festive houses! This picture was one of my favorite houses that I saw today, they went above and beyond anything that I have seen! Keep in mind, for me, long endurance activities put me personally more at risk for getting a low, so just be aware with your body. Make sure to bring a buddy, use the buddy system, and bring that emergency glucose. Safety first!

Now go find your favorite house!

wall squat

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, When I Did A Wall Squat


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when I did a wall squat
My legs were so sore, I couldn’t walk across a parking lot.
So today’s Type Happy Challenge won’t be a big scare,
But your legs will be wobbly, so please be aware.

Day 8 for the Type Happy Holiday Challenge calls for some strength. The challenge is to read the Christmas classic “The Night Before Christmas” while you perform a wall squat. Take breaks if you need it, but try to finish the book.

  1. Stand in the sitting position leaning against the wall
  2. Feet hip distance apart
  3. Make sure your knees are at 90 degree angles
  4. You knees should be located directly above your ankles, make sure that they aren’t positioned past your feet or ankles

Feel that burn and your legs workin’!

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

spin class with a friend

Friendship + Food + Workout = A Perfect Day

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“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

Nothing is better than spending a full day this holiday season with a great friend. My favorite memories are times spent doing active things with people I love. My best friend and I are both very health conscious people. We always meet to eat our favorite paleo and vegan meals and then do our favorite spin workout together. Not only is she great company, but she is amazing support to me and my lifestyle. Today’s Type Happy Holiday Challenge is to spend the day with your best friend and plan to do your favorite active activity together.