Super Bowl Super Spin

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Pre-Super Bowl workout with my supportive, strong, workout partner! 2 hour full body spin class with weights! Having a friend to workout with is not only motivating to go workout, but also calming to me to know that I will be in good hands if something were to ever happen to me during class. I am crazy for doubling up classes, but I’m addicted to these classes.. Not to mention that my best friends are the best instructors around.

Now time to sit around all day to watch the game!

Pre-workout: 160 mg/dL
Post workout: 98 mg/dL
I purposefully start a hard workout towards the higher blood sugar spectrum so that I can safely last to the end of my workout with good numbers and without a low. I always keep my glucose on me just incase too.


Live the inspiration wall!

Christmas Shopping Workout Mayhem

Diabetic Tips, Diabetic Tips For Working Out, Workouts

Dodging crowds, walking store to store, lunging after that perfect gift.. Christmas shopping is a workout in itself. As your rushing from store to store, you can’t believe how much you walk and how many calories you burn! In one day of shopping, I have to check my blood sugars more than normal because I tend to go a little low when I’m running around constantly. I also often forget to eat because of how busy I am. Today’s Monday Motivation for Day 22 of the Type Happy Holiday Challenge is to use a pedometer as you shop and see how much you walk around! (most smartphones have a pedometer app that you can use too) So far I’m at 1,054 and the day just started! Make sure to not give into that holiday stressful energy, shop at your own pace. Remember to test often if you tend to go low and eat a healthy substantial meal to give yourself energy for your long day.

Ready, set, shop!


No Winter Hibernation Here


Winter can be a hard season to get yourself to go the gym or to a workout class. The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and it is just darn right hard to get yourself unbundled from your warm cozy clothes. Well, one of the best things about winter is the array of festive active things that you can do that are super fun, but also burning the same amount of calories as if you were at the gym. Some ideas include: iceskating, snowboarding or skiing, snowball fights, building snowmen, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. And if you don’t any snow where you live, then go on wonderful hike or walk! These are all some great fun things to do, but they also give you a killer workout for your day! For Day 20 of the Type Happy Holiday Challenge, let’s get out of the house today and do one of your favorite winter exercises and bring your family & friends along for the excitement! Personally, my favorite thing to do every year is snowboarding! Did you know with just 30 minutes of skiing, you can burn up to 300 calories?! Wow!

yoga handstand pose

Holiday Handstand Practice


Practice, practice, practice! Today as I was decorating my house for the holidays I wanted to practice one of my favorite and hardest yoga poses in a festive way in my Christmas sweater, of course! And I got a little tangled in my Christmas Lights too. For Day 16 of the Type Happy Holiday Challenge, try posing in your favorite yoga pose (if you do yoga) or any active stance in your Christmas holiday sweater! (Probably stay away from the lights because that got a little complicated) Make sure to stretch before and after activities. Be safe, have fun, and stay active!

christmas circuit

Christmas Cardio Circuit


It’s Monday Motivation again for Day 15 of the Type Happy Holiday Challenge. Start this week with a sweaty workout that will kickstart the rest of your awesome week! Today I got a good one here for you! The challenge is to create a fun, exciting playlist of holiday jams and then complete this circuit as fast as you can. If you need to take breaks definitely do so and then when you are ready, continue where you left off. This will get your cardio going, blood pumpin’, and your muscles workin’!

The circuit routine:
15 pushups
30 sit-ups
40 lunges (20 on each leg)
20 jumping-jacks
30 squats
Repeat this 4 times!

For a great holiday workout music mix check out the Youtube mix called “Ultimate Christmas Party MegaMix by DJ pluTONYum.” I liked that one the best.

You CAN do it!! Don’t ever think that you can’t!