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Can you think of a time where you have used the words: lancet, painless, fun, and cute all in the sentence? I can’t. Until now..

One day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and ended up on a rabbit trail leading me to Genteel’s Instagram page. I quickly became really interested to discover this new lancet that is painless! After looking at all the pictures and videos, I was sold, I just had to get one! So I did. I loved it so much that I wanted to talk about it and review it so others can discover its painless, fun way to test your blood sugars too!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Us Type 1 Diabetics usually test our blood sugars on our fingertips up to 10+ times a day. The instrument (a lancet) that we typically used to prick our fingers to test are spring loaded needles to poke and draw the blood. Yes, poking our fingers every time hurts every time. This is because there are an abundance of pain nerves very close to the surface of our skin in our fingertips. So the typical lancet needles poke to through the skin and into those pain nerves every time. We stab ourselves to get that little drop of blood to know what shape our blood sugars are in. I am now 25 years old and it still hurts me. I can only imagine what little children feel when they prick their fingers and have it hurt just as much too.

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However, this all changes with my new Genteel lancet! Genteel uses a vacuum technology to draw the blood out without the painful feel of the prick! It is amazing! I don’t feel anything at all and little kids wouldn’t either! I saw a video on the Genteel’s website that had a mother test her child with Genteel while the child was sleeping and the child didn’t even wake up!..That’s how comfortable it is. I feel more confident as I use it because I do not have that sense of hesitation and anticipation of the pain like I do with the other lancing instruments. Another cool thing about using Genteel is that you can successfully, painlessly test from many parts of your body, not just your fingertips. You can give those fingertips a rest and test else where! You can test from your fingertips, palms of your hand, arms, stomach, forearms, shoulders, thighs, calves, hips, and chest.

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With Genteel, you can pick from many colors what color you want it to be. I got the pink one! The Genteel lancet also comes with contact strips where you can control the depth of the vacuum’s penetration of how much blood you want (I use the #2 option). It comes with lots of easy to read brocheaurs and instructions of how to use it. The website is very helpful too for video instruction as well as a 24 hour help line to chat with Genteel directly.  It also comes with its own carrying case to put your new lancet, meter, and other diabetic accessories in. And my favorite part- it comes with tons of FUN stickers to decorate and customize your new Genteel with! I just love how Genteel makes it cute and fun for diabetics to test and use this device! Of course I just HAD to decorate mine with the unicorns, dolphins, rainbows, hearts, and stars stickers provided.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I love my new stylish lancet and I definitely recommend it to all children, teens, and adults. Painless, customizable, and easy- what’s not to love?!

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Here is a little video of how I use mine:

2 thoughts on “Genteel (The Gentle) Painless Lancing Instrument

  1. Gretchen, What a fantastic review of the Genteel! Of course, you decorate it so adorable and So You, that it makes everyone want to own a Genteel!
    As your Mother, even at 25, it relieves a Mother’s Heart to know that more products are being invented to further comfort you on your T1d journey!
    I absolutely Love the way you continue to change the face of What it means to have Type 1!!!!
    Thank you for continuous Inspiration, Education and Happiness that you exude and share with the World!!!
    Your Voice is Vital and I am so thrilled that you use your beautiful words to encourage Everyone along on this journey💛🙌🏻
    #diabadass #findacure #makingT1dcool
    Love You #myfavoritedaughter💞

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