Celebrate Life!

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Today is a very special, emotional, and meaningful day for me.

IT IS MY ONE YEAR DIA-VERSARY! (Type 1 Diabetes Anniversary)

It has been exactly one year today since I have been diagnosed with the incurable, unpreventable Type 1 Diabetes autoimmune disease. Looking back on this exact day a year ago, I remember thinking how my life was turned upside down, twisted, put me through a loop and stomping on me- leaving me feeling helpless. But my life was saved that day.

I was hospitalized for a couple of days in Europe stuck in a foreign country with a foreign doctor dealing with a foreign disease. But my positivity, the support from my family, and the kindness of strangers kept me going. I cannot believe what all I have accomplished and all the things I have conquered with having Type 1 Diabetes in one year. From traveling the world, to running a marathon, to surfing again, having multiple publications, starting a blog, to finding my true passion for Type 1 and and helping other Type 1s, to creating fun recipes, changing my mindset, and making new friends. I just feel so unbelievably blessed to be ALIVE another year.  I can honestly say that I am so much stronger of a person, more confident, and more self aware because of my Type 1!


Traveling to Athens, Greece after a few days from being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Europe

I wanted to say thank you to all my friends, family, and all the amazing support on my blog. Thank you everyone so much for supporting me and for continuing to follow this journey with me!

Even though this disease is something not worth celebrating, staying alive, being healthy, and living with this unbelievable fight everyday is worth celebrating! I encourage everyone to celebrate their life. And if you have a disease or something that you struggle with, take a day of the year to celebrate your successes and the fact that you are living life to YOUR fullest!


Traveling to Capri, Italy after a few days from being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Europe

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Life!

  1. Wow! You are doing fantastic! So uplifting to hear. I’m so sorry you have to live with type 1, but so happy you have not let it cramp your style. My son, too, says he is a better person for his disease. I have seen him become so mature and deep through this trial. Bless you!

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    1. Thank you so much for your amazing, sweet comment! Your son sounds so strong and positive! That is the best way to be and the best way to live with this disease! We fight everyday and we could not do with without the amazing help and support that you, and all moms, give to us during such hard times in our life. Thank you so much for everything that you do for your son. And thank you so much for supporting me and following my journey through all of this too. It really means the world to me!


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