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7 Type 1 Diabetic Tips for Solo Road Trips

Diabetic Tips

Summertime is travel time! As a Type 1 Diabetic, traveling anywhere by anything kind of transportation can be challenging. From my Europe trip last summer, I have traveled by plane, bus, train, and boat and conquered it! But this summer was my first time taking a long distance solo road trip (with my bunny, Winnie, of course) as a Type 1 Diabetic.

road trip with winnie

I decided to drive across a few states to visit my parents. Driving 14 hours straight! I know, I’m crazy! However, it is definitely something I am proud to of accomplished! It can be kind of impossible to check my blood glucose levels while driving on the road, so I wanted to point out some tips for other summertime diabetic travelers driving long distances too! Being a diabetic can discourage you from taking risks, being more independent, and traveling.. So I wanted to empower those people that YES you can do it! But just be prepared with everything you need!

Type 1 Diabetic Tips While Driving Solo:

  1. While driving for a long time, you can’t check your blood glucose levels as much as you normally could. So when every you start to feel the slightest symptom of going into a low, immediately take your glucose. When driving there can sometime be no time to check your numbers to see if you are actually low (and its hard to prick your finger while driving), so to avoid going into a dangerous low and a dangerous situation, take your glucose before even checking to save time.
  2. Check your status at each gas stop to see if there are any corrections that you need to take.
  3. Listen to your body! This is HUGE because you can stop from going into a bad low when you feel it from the very beginning.
  4. Carry extra snacks and glucose tabs. And store them in your cupholder or somewhere close to you in the car so that you don’t have to fumble through your bags or the backseat while you are driving. Easy access is the best and safest way to go.
  5. Pull over if you feel you need to check your sugars, make corrections, or need a break.
  6. Take stretching breaks at your stops to give your body a rest and get you blood flowing’.
  7. Eat healthy meals. Being full (but not too full to where you just want to sleep) can help you stay awake and focus better on the road. Eating well can help keep your numbers at a more stable line rather than having major spikes. Even fast food stops can have healthier options! I always get a Protein Style Hamburger form In-N-Out, it’s the way to go and it’s my favorite! Hold that bun!

winnieinnout innout

So these are some tips that have helped me though my road trip extravaganza and I hope can they help!
Safe travels!

4 thoughts on “7 Type 1 Diabetic Tips for Solo Road Trips

  1. I think checking your status every time you stop for gas is smart along with listening to your body. My wife is diabetic and after trying a few different types of insulin we finally found one that works for her. We are planning on going on a big road trip during the holiday season this year. I will be doing most of the driving which will help her needs but when she is driving we want to be able to still provide her what she needs. I’ll have to tell her about listening to her body, especially while on the road. Thank you for your tips! They are really helpful!


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