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Everyone Has A “Something”

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What is your “something”?

This ideology of a “something” is an idea that I have came up with during my first week of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As I was first battling the depression and anger of becoming diagnosed, I was forced with facts and having to change my perspective. It dawned on me and forever changed my life. Not everyone goes through life without battling “something.” A “something” can be a diagnoses, addiction, a broken leg, family problems, death, any kind of thing that can be thought of as a “set back.” Everyone has to deal with some kind of thing in life that isn’t perfect. No one is perfect. We can often be caught up with the notion that our society silently states that everyone is normal, and if your aren’t “normal,” you are different, and different is bad. No, being different is not bad, it’s wonderful. It can push you beyond your limits and surprise you how strong of a person you really are. Your “something” is unique, it is hard, but it can be empowering to move you to prove your strength to yourself. I often fight the image of being seen as a “weak” person because of my “something” and I love to prove them wrong when I can conquer it with strength and grace. Perspective is what changes it all. Perspective can hold the key to let your “something” be a part of you and not let it hold you back.

Read my first published article, “The Newly Diagnosed Vacation” on Insulin Nation, a great site tackling the issues of Type 1. The story I write about reflects how I changed my mindset of my diagnosis from being a hardship, into a challenge that I must face and overcome. I talk about how I was first introduced to seeing that Type 1 is my “something” and accepting it.

Find your “something” and embrace.

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