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Bring It ON

Daily T1D Inspiration, Diabetic Tips For Working Out, Workouts

Gearing up for my FIRST half marathon race tomorrow as a Type 1 Diabetic! I’ve done manyyy marathon runs before being Type 1, but now it’s time to kick ass again but this time as a Diabetic. We can still do anything that we put our minds to. We can still do everything that everyone else can do. Our disease does not hold us back. Im wearing my runners’ fanny-pack to store my glucose tabs, snacks, gels, Contour blood tester kit, phone, and emergency info.. Got to be safe out there. Bib Number Name: Type One Type Happy.. Of course

3 thoughts on “Bring It ON

    1. Thank you so much! Oh wow, that must be tough! Do you still produce some insulin? You’re lucky that you’ve been able to avoid Type 1. Keep up that fight!


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