cure for diabetes news article

Type 1 Stem Cell Breakthrough


Major breakthrough today! I hope this new discovery actually works and sends us down a new path! We are tired of waiting for another consistent “10 years” for a cure. It’s about time to make some changes. Douglas Melton, lead Harvard medical researcher, made big development in stem cell research that results in pancreatic cells that produce insulin. He has dedicated his life to finding a cure after his two children have both developed Type 1 Diabetes 20 years ago. This shows me that he is set on finding a cure, not only for the rest of the world, but for the sake of his own children. If this becomes an actual cure, I hope the FDA and pharmaceutical companies get on board because they will lose a lot of money if everyone gets cured. Type 1 gives $15 billion dollars to the pharmacies every year. Consequently, I would hope that pharmaceutical companies’s worries about money would not hold back any diabetic cure advancements. Sometimes you just can’t always trust that the System really wants to help the people, because in reality, the System is what can hold us back. I sound extreme, but if you think about it, it can be true.

Read the full Harvard stem cell article at:

and at:

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