salmon dinner at the beach

Healthy is Heaven

Main Dishes

Tonight’s home cooked meal with an ocean view. Life is divine! Salmon with lemon and a balsamic vinaigrette salad. Salmon has some amazing benefits to the body. It is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps with any kind of joint pains. It is full of amazing GOOD fats such as Omega-3 fatty acid DHA, which is crucial   for healthy brain functions. It can also help with improving vision and even sleep too. Salmon can prevent depression, heart attack, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, stroke, and arrhythmia. You can get one days worth of Vitamin D within one piece of salmon. A deficiency of Vitamin D has actually been found to be linked to an increase risk of Type 1 Diabetes, so it can be very important (for non-diabetics as well) to keep up with your vitamin intake.

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